Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Equine in the Fall -- Redux

Well, this one. . .I am excited about. Using the Daniel Smith paints has certainly been eye opening. I was able to do a light under wash and then layer color on top once the first wash dried (much like I do with pastels).  The result is so much closer to what I have been attemping to achieve.  The horse was masked using liquid latex and painted with a rigger brush.

I still used the Pocket Palette (ie dried paints) and even though it is fun to use, I will try using fresh out of the tube paint on subsequent paintings now that I just bought a porcelain butcher's tray (ie, palette).

                                       Watercolor on 200lbs paper 10x14

So, I have been accused of painting three legged horses. And well. . .


  1. I love the colors! Send the horse to the glue factory. sorry he takes away from the brilliance of the autumn palette. I would fram this one sans Mr. Ed.

  2. No hatin' on the three legged horses. . .they are da bomb!